Mimosa Baby Feeder and Teether

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Introducing solids into a baby’s diet is such an exciting milestone. Solid food is usually introduced between the ages of 4 to 6 months, after this time, breast milk or formula no longer provides all the essential nutrients that your baby needs.

Mimosa Designs Baby Feeder and Teether is the perfect way to start letting your baby experience solids. The soft silicone pouch has small holes that let tiny bits of food escape. It safely lets your baby try different tastes and textures, without the risk of choking.

To use, simply put fruit or vegetables in the silicone nipple and seal shut. Fruit and vegetables work best as they can be easily chewed, triggering little pieces to come through the holes and into your baby’s mouth. Frozen fruit and vegetables can also be used to help with teething pain.

As a bonus there is a teether on the reverse side, as we all know babies like to chew anything they can get their hands on.

There are three colours available:

Yellow, pink and Green 
Red, pink and Green 
Purple, pink and Green

Each pack comes with a lid, two different sized silicone pouches and a dummy attachment.

Made from LFGB and FDA approved food grade silicone. High quality BPA free silicone.

Dimensions: 100mm x 55mm x 55mm.

Safe in temperatures from -40 - 220℃ 
The silicone feeder is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.