30 Black and White Instagram Highlight Icons

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Organise your personal or business Instagram account with our Monochrome Instagram Story Highlight Icons.

Our pack includes 30 instantly downloadable, ready to use highlight covers.

These monochrome / black and white vector icons are perfect for minimalist lovers, lifestyle bloggers etc.

Each Instagram Story Highlight Cover Icon is versatile and can be used for multiple topics.

-Apple: Fruit, Food, Kids lunches, Meals, Eating
-Baby: Pregnancy, Baby, Kids
-Birthday Cake: Birthday, Birthday party, Birthday Cake
-Book: Books, Reading, Recipes
-Building Blocks: Baby, Toddler, Early Childhood Education, Learning
-Burger: Food, Meals, Takeaways, Dinner ideas, Eating out
-Camera: Photography, Photos, Camera, Videos
-Caravan: Road trips, Holidays, Caravan
-Cart: Shopping, Products
-Coffee: Daily life, Coffee, Mum Life
-Cupcake: Baking, Recipies, Treats
-Dress: Outfit of the day, clothing, outfits
-Hammer: DIY, Renovations, Arts and Crafts
-Hanger: Outfit of the day, clothing, outfits
-Heart: Family, Love, Health
-Home: Home life, Home décor, Daily life
-Laptop: Business, Work, School, Projects
-Lightbulb: Ideas, Inspiration, Projects
-Lipstick: Make up, Beauty, Beauty Blog
-Money: Money, Saving, Business
-Music Note: Favourite song, Playlists, Music
-Paw Print: Pets, Dog, Cat
-Plant: Gardening, Plants, Indoor Plants
-Present: Party, Birthday, Gifts, Presents
-Ring: Engagement, Marriage
-Speech Bubble: Quotes, Ideas, Thoughts, Projects
-Unicorn: Parties, Kids, fun
-Weights: Gym, Health, Fitness, Fitspo
-Wine: Wine, Drinking, Social, Socialising, Mum Life

Image Specs:
Once you buy this set you will receive a ZIP file containing 30 individual images that have been perfectly sized for your Instagram Story Highlights.

Please note you will need to open the ZIP file on a computer. Once you unzip the file you can uplaod the images to your phone. Once on instagram, upload the images you'd like to be seen on your profile to your Instagram Story. Once uploaded, select ‘highlight’ at the bottom right of the screen, adjust the thumbnail image if needed, give your highlight thread a title and there it is!

Once you purchase our Highlights Cover Images they are for your use only. This download may not be shared, copied or reproduced in any way.